Command Line

All of these are optional:

  • -o: Open the browser on the server
  • -d <directory> : Specify a working directory
  • -p <pathToTsconfig>: Specify a path to the active project. More
  • -t <port>: Specify a custom port number
  • -i: Creates a new project file and exits. Allows you to give alm a quick go on an existing code base.
  • --safe: To ignore any previous session data in .alm folder

If you want to host the server publicly here are few more options that are helpful (again completely optional):

  • --httpskey: path to a .key file
  • --httpscert: path to a .cert file
  • --host: By default we listen on i.e. all local host names. You can restrict that by providing your own name e.g. foo-pac-machine
  • --auth: username:password e.g. --auth someusername:somepassword (alias -a)

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