Providing a great error experience is vital. Errors can exist in tsconfig.json files, in ts files and these need to be shown in the UI as well handled from different sources in the backend.


We keep a client instance of errorCache.ts syncing to error deltas from the backend.


You might want to read on our async docs so you know how we cast and what we mean by webserver.

The webserver contains the globalErrorCacheServer.ts which is again the singular source of truth.

It is just an instance of errorCache.ts

  • We just pipe its updates to the clients over web sockets (as mentioned in async).
  • It receives delta changes from other error caches e.g. the projectSeviceWorker tsErrorCache.

That's it!


(various source) -> globalErrorCacheServer -> socketio -> globalErrorCacheClient -> (various UI elements)

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