Having a great autocomplete experience is at the heart of the design goals for TypeScript. Hopefully you find the autocomplete behaviours in alm better than the rest.

We have an aggressive autocomplete i.e. it should show up by itself whenever it makes sense. You can always trigger it explicitly with Ctrl + Space.


Snippets are at the heart of a great autocomplete experience. We provide snippets for common TypeScript constructs e.g. here is an if snippet in action:

You cycle through the snippet options with Tab, e.g. here is a forof snippet

Once you are happy with the snippet outcome just press Enter and we take you to a desirable final location, e.g. here we chose to stick with default name item:

TIP : You can also press Esc to exit the snippet mode without actually jumping to desirable final location cursor location.


For functions we provide signature completions. Just select the one you want.

Path Completions

We provide file path completions so you can use TypeScript modules without an significant disruption to your workflow.

ES6 Modules (snippet: import)

CommonJS style (snippet: importr)

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