The tsconfig.json file is the standard way of providing compiler options to TypeScript compiler. We use it for all our TypeScript specific configuration as well. You can generate this file with alm using alm -i.


We support autocomplete for many of the TSConfig options:

TSConfig contents

The following are the key properties of tsconfig.json:


The key compiler options. e.g:

"compilerOptions": {
  "target": "es5",
  "module": "commonjs",
  "sourceMap": true,
  "jsx": "react"

The docs for these compiler options exist here.




Please see the docs here : https://basarat.gitbooks.io/typescript/content/docs/project/files.html


By default true. If set to true we will emit JavaScript (super fast incrementally) for any TypeScript files you edit.

"compileOnSave": true

You can use this property to switch off any compilation (e.g. if you are using an external tool to generate JavaScript).


You can use this property to fine tune the result of running a TypeScript code format command. The following are the various options supported along with their default values:

    "formatCodeOptions": {
        "insertSpaceAfterCommaDelimiter": true,
        "insertSpaceAfterSemicolonInForStatements": true,
        "insertSpaceBeforeAndAfterBinaryOperators": true,
        "insertSpaceAfterKeywordsInControlFlowStatements": true,
        "insertSpaceAfterFunctionKeywordForAnonymousFunctions": false,
        "insertSpaceAfterOpeningAndBeforeClosingNonemptyParenthesis": false,
        "placeOpenBraceOnNewLineForFunctions": false,
        "placeOpenBraceOnNewLineForControlBlocks": false


The official options of tsconfig.json (ones understood by tsc) are documented in the schema

TSConfig selection

You can select the tsconfig.json in various ways:

  • By default we check common locations (e.g. ., ./src, ./ts etc.)
  • See if the last session had one and use that
  • You can select one when you start the app alm -p ./super-special/tsconfig.json
  • You can select one using project search command from the UI. When you have multiple tsconfig.json files in your project this allows you to switch between them.


Details on the features implementation

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