TypeScript features

As we mentioned the editor design revolves around giving you the best access to the TypeScript language service.

Syntax Highlighting

Not just another text mate based grammar which despite a lot of love can still fall short. Compare:



This is because we use the exact same code that TypeScript uses to carry out its blazing fast compile. Also we give all the more love that we can.

Rename Refactoring

Start a rename refactoring and we show you an easy to view list of things that will change.

And if its a local change we will even allow you to do it inline.


Matching tags and brackets and words are highlighted automatically, this means less searching, more doing


Cause we love TSX so much, we auto close TSX tags. Built with the power of the TypeScript's JSX parser so it can't be wrong.


All the joys of inline information without the frustrations of keyboard shortcut, shifting text or dialog overloads. Toggle : Ctrl|⌘ + '

Goto Definition

Easy as Ctrl|⌘ + B

Find References

Easy as Ctrl|⌘ + Shift + B


If anything goes bad with our error analysis (it shouldn't but edge cases happen!), you can do a sync command (Shift + F6).

With sync we do:

  • Tsconfig re-evaluation
  • Complete refresh of Error analysis

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