We try to be as familiar as possible and work hard to make sure that alm can be used to complement any of your other editors. Please note that these commands can always be searched from with OmniSearch Command Mode.

  • Close tab : press the x OR center click the tab OR Alt + W
  • Undo close tab Shift + Alt + W
  • GoTo Next Tab: Alt + K
  • GoTo Previous Tab: Alt + J

Jump to tab

GoTo Tab: Ctrl|⌘ + <number> e.g. Ctrl|⌘ + 1 to go to the first tab. Allows you to jump to non contiguous tabs easily.

Jump Mode

We understand that figuring out the tab number can be heard. So Ctrl|⌘ + Shift + Enter takes you into a jump mode.

E.g. press the <number> key corresponding to your desired tab. Here we press 3

Of course you can use the arrow keys to move to right or bottom:

Drag and Drop

Of course you can drag and drop the layout to your hearts content.

Multi Monitor

You can open the browser as many times as you want and we keep them all in sync!

We even have a handy dandy command (Window : Duplicate) for duplicating the current browser window :

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