The heart of the editor is Monaco for quite a few reasons. A great thing is that we have it configured in sublime text mode so should feel fairly familiar.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Note: At any time you press Esc we take you to the editor. After all that is the ❤️ of your design.


Sublime and VSCode users will feel right at home as they get to use all their favorite features as it is e.g. Ctrl|⌘ + P (find file), Ctrl|⌘ + Shift + P (find command), Ctrl|⌘ + / (comment uncomment code), Ctrl|⌘ + D (select next match) and Ctrl|⌘ + Alt + ⇅ for column selection

Disk Watching

The file on disk will set you free

You can use this side by side with your favorite editor.


No matter where you are, esc will always take you to the currently focused editor, so you can do what you do best, write code.


Just press Ctrl|⌘ + enter and you can jump anywhere in the current editor.

Cursor History

Your cursor history is preserved across all open files. Ctrl|⌘ + U and Ctrl|⌘ + Shift + U.

Clipboard Ring

You can cycle paste through the stuff that you copied / cut from the IDE. Shift + Ctrl|⌘ + V. Don't lose your head due to a nasty cut/copy error.


Because why not. Ctrl|⌘ + Alt + O to toggle.

Write Code

Ctrl|⌘ + Shift + X with the current selection will pretend to write the code one char at a time. Great for a smooth and professional touch to video tutorials.

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