Helping All TypeScript Developers

Wanted to create something that would help all TypeScript developers, all they need is NodeJS (which they already have because of npm install typescript -g). We have experience in writing solutions (e.g. cyclic analysis, dependency viewer, AST visualizer) that we want to share with everyone not just people that use a particular IDE. You can use this with VSCode / VS / Sublime / Atom / Eclipse / Whatever else you have 🌹

Light weight

  • Dev setups are expensive. npm install is cheap.
  • Works the same on the server as your local file system. Remote editing FTW!
  • can check in the IDE as a devDependency!
  • Like cloud9 ... but on your server!
  • MultiMonitor: Just open a new browser tab (we have this as command as well Duplicate Window)!

TypeScript ❤

  • Cause it was fun to do, and demos a lot of Tech in combination and I keep getting questions about how to do these in a neat workflow: TypeScript,webpack,react,CSS in TypeScript,redux. Well here is real world usage.
  • Wrote from scratch. With simplicity in mind.
  • Did I mention that I love TypeScript and really wanted to prove that it provides a technical advantage that greatly increases developer efficiency.
  • Provide you with a base editor that you can build internal projects on top of TypeScript with. The code editing experience should be top notch ... beyond this you can add stuff like WYSIWYG editors taking advantage of the full TypeScript language service.
  • Having a TypeScript first IDE means I have more keyboard shortcut space available specific for TypeScript.

Atom and VSCode

First off here is how I feel about these projects

I previously wrote atom-typescript. Doing the kind of stuff I wanted to do can be too much modification for a single plugin.

In the end we are using a lot of code from these projects (alm would not be possible without their generous OSS nature) and sharing back what we can (alm is also Open Source). However alm is much more specialized experience just for TypeScript.

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