Quick Fix

A light blub shows up if a quick fix is available. Trigger the Quick Fix command (use command search OR click on bulb OR use shortcut alt+enter) to see quick fixes. Select the quick fix you want and press enter to commit. Example quick fixes

Add class and interface members

Type assert

Insert type assertions on property access for easier migration from JS code

Toggle quote characters

Single to double, double to single

Quotes to template

Convert strings to template strings to get rid of those \

String concat to template

Convert string concatenations to a template string

Equals to Equals

== and != (because typing another = is hard)

Import file

If an error can be fixed by importing a module

Single Line Comment To JsDoc

JsDoc are associated with the next node. Single line comments are not. So this quickfix does the conversion for you


We have some guidance on creating your own quickfixes. They are quite fun to write!

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