File paths

  • fileName: just the file name e.g foo.ts
  • filePath: Full path e.g. c:/dev/foo.ts
  • relativeFilePath: relative to project

Note: Within the ts compiler source fileName is actually filePath

File contents

  • contents : The string string content of a file.
  • text : The string:[] contents split by a newline.


  • If there is a user command that will subsequently cause another command use do/did e.g. doOpenFile and didOpenFile


  • If there is something that we care about initially as well as updates use foo/fooUpdated e.g. fileList/fileListUpdated

line , ch

Always 0 based, unless explicitly marked to be different.


Workers and worker-like state modules (file listing, active project) do not explicitly depend on the socketServer. Instead they provide an event that the socket can pipe to cast. Reason, preventing cycles : these modules generally provide a function called from sockets as well (socket -> module) and therefore module using socket will create a cycle.

UI / DTO / Disk

Sometimes we have version of the same data between the UI / backend. For this we have:

  • UI : used in user interface
  • DTO : used in data transfer
  • Disk : Used to persist to Disk

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