We try to use as little CSS as possible but when using third party libraries sometimes the only way to customize them is with CSS. We use webpack require to load such CSS files.


Because we have this distributed between TS / CSS files we document these here:

  • Golden-Layout: 2 (in appTabsContainer.css)
  • Main Panel : 6 (mainPanel.ts)
  • Modal Overlay: 100 (in index.html)
  • File Tree View: 6 (fileTree.tsx)
  • Doctor : 1 (doctor.tsx)

Background color

Whenever possible prefer the Editor background color.

  • You don't need it explicitly at the root components as we have it setup for GoldenLayout (in appTabsContainer.css) as well as body (in index.html as a style attribute)

  • tips.tsx (in appTabsContainer.css).


We use typestyle to manage our CSS in JS (TS). Just a bit of naming convention:

  • **ClassName : must be used in className= attribute
  • **Base : must be used to make a ClassName.
  • **Style: can be used to make a ClassName or directly in a style.

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