We provide a high quality integration with tslint that works as a warning system consolidated with the TypeScript error analysis.


Configuration is driven with tslint.json. We determine the tslint.json with a simple findup from the current tsconfig.json so the closest one wins ❤️.

We recommend a single tslint.json file in your project.

Built in Project support

We integrate tslint with the TypeScript project that is currently active which is essentially the same as tslint --project <activeProject> --type-check. This allows you to use fancy tslint rules that depend upon the types of various variables.

Whole project linting

We lint every file in your current TypeScript project and live refresh that in the background so you always get the up to date list of all the things that might be wrong.

We ignore .d.ts as tslinting these (mostly generated) files is garbage 🌹

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